E-Z Access Weird Archive!

What Is This?

If you havent read my about yet, you may not know that I'm very interested in web 1.0 and the history of fanbases on the web. In my travels across the internet, I've discovered that many Weird Al fansites are long defunct (makes sense, most of these are 20+ years old). I can still access these sites via the Wayback Machine, but I want a place where I can compile these usable links for myself (and anyone who is looking for a nostalgia trip). Thus, the E-Z Access Weird Archive project was born. It's not much, but its something for me to do!

These links should take you to a specific version of the site, but you'll be able to browse other snapshots as well! If you have any suggestions, or have anything you'd like to archive here, or if you were part of this circle of weird Al fansites and have something to share, PLEASEEEEE EMAIL MEEEEE!!! thx xo

I'm not just looking for old sites, I plan on adding non-web Weird Al content to this page thats generally a bit difficult to find. Hopefully. Soon. Email me if u got anything. Check the wanted list for specifics.

If you want to find sites that are still up on the normal web, check out my links page!

Defunct Sites

Jon's Alcon 98 page

Alcon 98 official website

Alcon 2000 official website


Bargle Nawdle Zouss

The Essential Yankovic

Weird Concept Album

Various Al

Rumbayly Al page


Mike Aquilina's Alcon 98 page

Raquel Hartzell's Alcon 98 page

Jason Copeland's "Weird Al" Yankovic page

Al 4 Prez!

Wanted list!

Other Great Archives!

The Weird Al Archive on Youtube has a great selection of unreleased songs and rare recordings!

EvilUncleFrank has not only uploaded a lot of clips themself, but they've put together playlists compiling a HUGE chunk of the archived al content on youtube: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]!